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Posted: 4 May 2014


Hello everyone!

I'm a student at UWS. I'm studying audio post-production and I'm currently working on my final year project. I'm looking for 5 male voices for a dubbing work on a short science-fiction movie.

As the project is for university, we cannot afford to pay the actors but we can give any material you need (audio and video) for your portfolio.

You can apply for several part if you're up to the challenge and seeking for more material and experience.

I'm looking for the following profiles:

• Adult Thom:

Act personality: Thom is the main act in the script, he carries the story. His break up with Celia when he was a teenager led to a massive rebellion of the machines against the humankind. Now he is a part of a scientists team which tries to fix this rebellion by rewriting the memory of Celia. He’s exhausted, and feel a little bit guilty about the situation.

Voice profile: [Averagely deep] Middle age male voice, with mysterious and serious tone.

• Teen Thom

Act personality: Thom is the perfect teen jerk. He’s confident, focused on his goal and don’t pay much attention to the consequences of his choices. He wants to discover space and don’t realize that his enthusiasm towards this dream isn’t shared by his girlfriend, at the time, Celia. This frivolity will lead to the power taken of the robot against the human being.

Voice profile: [Averagely pitched] Young male voice, with passion and dynamic tones.

• Captain

Act personality: The Captain as the name suggests is the man in charge of the entire operation. He’s inspires respect and has a kind of aura around him. Yet he did not inspire confidence, as his body language and tone sometimes reveal a lecherous and manipulative side of his personality.

Voice profile: Male of around fifty voice, with croaky/greasy accent. Being able to add a manipulative and deceitful tone is required.

• Barley

Act personality: Barley is the “bad ass”. This part insures the action and the tension in the script. Barley is the perfect soldier: focused, confident, skilled and experienced. He knows how to remain calm and effective in stressful situations in order to achieve his goal.

Voice profile: [Average Deep]Strong thirty-years-old male voice with determined accent. Power is also require as the part requires shouting.


• “Gary”

Act personality: Gary is the comical act, his appearance allow the audience to soothe between the high emotional moments of the script. He’s an off-the-wall and a little bit clumsy scientist.

Voice profile: [Averagely high-pitched] Twentysomething male voice with crazed consonances.

The recording session will take place in a profession studio in Ayr, at the UWS University this Sunday and Monday, 4th May and 5th Mayfrom 12.30 until 17.00.

If you're interested or if you have further questions please send me a mail or a Whatsapp.